Mar 2020

Proactive response to COVID-19 (Coroniavirus)

CEHL is proactively managing our response to COVID-19 (coronavirus). The health and wellbeing of our people, co-ops and tenants is our first priority. Our response measures aim to minimise any risk to the community and to potential disruption of services to co-ops and tenants.

Co-ops and direct tenants will be directly advised if there is any change to services.

CEHL’s response measures align with the advice from health authorities and the Government.

Our information technology systems enable CEHL employees to work remotely, to enable continuation of our critical services to co-ops and tenants.

For our own people, we have in place a range of measures to help protect employees and their families, as well as contractors and business partners working on our premises, against infection. These measures include:

  • Self-isolating and staying home if unwell or if potentially exposed to the virus
  • Working from home
  • Visitors are advised to call the office before visiting until further notice 1800 353 669
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers widely available, encouraging good hygiene practices at all times and regularly cleaning high-use areas
  • Conducting meetings electronically or on the phone
  • Deferring events and activities with groups of people until further notice

CEHL is mindful of the responsibility we have to co-ops, direct tenants, contractors, regulators and the broader community to actively manage risk and ensure the operational resiliency of our services.

We are also engaging with organisations that provide services to CEHL and the Program in relation to their own business continuity arrangements.

We will continue to monitor the situation and are well prepared to implement additional precautionary measures as appropriate. 

If you are concerned you can contact the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.

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