Study Grants

Grant Information + Application Form

The CEHL Study Grant, formally known as CEHL Scholarship and the Education Award, was launched in 2010 and has benefited over 90 co-op members and their households through the provision of financial assistance to support those undertaking accredited study.


The purpose of the CEHL Study Grant is to encourage and support CEHL co-operative households, through the provision of financial assistance, to access educational opportunities and develop their skills. 


CEHL provides eight $2,000 study grants in the following categories: 

  • Certificate level study including apprenticeships and traineeships and other vocational training
  • Diploma and advanced diploma study 
  • Undergraduate study 
  • Postgraduate study 


Two additional $2,000 study grants are available in the following categories:

  • Helen Tyndall Award This award is in memory of Helen Tyndall, who was well known, and highly respected CEHL’s Administration Team Co-ordinator for many years. This grant is awarded for studies in the following areas: Business Administration, Information Technology or Commerce with applicants being at any stage of their course
  • Co-op Development Award This award is for studies that enhance and support improving co-op practices and program  engagement. This grant is awarded for studies in the following areas: leadership and governance, engagement, digital  literacy, digital file/record-keeping, dispute resolution, small business management, financial services, maintenance  budgeting and forecasting. 


    To be eligible for the CEHL Study Grant, please provide proof that you are: 

    • Currently living in a CEHL shareholder co-operative either as a co-operative member or as a listed household member on the 2021/22 Household Information Form 
    • Enrolled, or are actively pursuing enrolment in a further education course 
    • aged 16 or older 
    • Entitled to live permanently in Australia 


    To apply: 

    Complete the Study Grant Information and Application Form, include: 

    • An Impact Statement to describe your reason for enrolling in further study 
    • The benefits of being awarded a Study Grant and the positive impact undertaking study will have for you 
    • Provide reasonable evidence, including proof that you are actively pursuing enrolment or are enrolled into a course 
    • Provide photo identification showing you are aged 16 or over and, entitled to live permanently in Australia 

    Your application will be checked against the Eligibility Criteria (above) and CEHL will access your Household Information Form to check that you are living in a CEHL co-operative. 


    If you are eligible to apply, your application and impact statement will be given to a Study Grant Panel who will determine which applicants should be awarded the Grant based on:

    • your reason for enrolling in further study 
    • the benefits of being awarded a Study Grant, and 
    • the positive impact undertaking study will have for you 

    The Study Grant Panel is made up of:

         1 x CEHL Manager 

         1 x CEHL Employee with relevant expertise 

         1 x Co-operative Member 

    CEHL may also include relevant external experts.

    Please refer to Privacy Statement below for advice on how your application and information will be stored and treated. 


    Within the year of being awarded a study grant, CEHL may request assistance from you to promote, review, and evaluate the Study Grant scheme. 


    In certain circumstances, a study grant may incur a tax liability, most commonly for part time study, please consider this, and consult with your tax practitioner or the Australian Tax Office for further advice. 


    The information provided in the Study Grant Application Form will be handled in accordance with the CEHL Privacy Policy

    The primary purpose of this information is assessing your eligibility and application for the CEHL Study Grant and communicate with you about this. 

    The secondary purpose of this information is for regular evaluation and review of the Study Grant. Your information will not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to anyone outside CEHL without your consent unless there is a legal requirement. 

    Your information will be protected from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure, and will be destroyed after two years. 

    You can access and/or correct your information held by CEHL by phoning 1800 353 669. 

    If you choose not to provide CEHL any of the required information, CEHL may not be able to offer a Study Grant if there is insufficient information to assess your eligibility and application.