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The Co-op Program Committee (CPC) consults with co-ops and advises the CEHL Board about ways to develop the CEHL co-operative housing program and address emerging issues.


Established in July 2020 by the CEHL Board, the Co-op Program Committee (CPC) acts in the best interest of co-ops, the Program and CEHL centred on co-op and Program Principles.

The Co-op Program Committee:

  • Provides advice to the CEHL Board on increasing member voice and its impact
  • Take actions that lead to the CEHL Co-operative Housing Program being co-op led
  • Build the capacity of co-ops and their members in engagement and governance



The committee Structure and rules are outlines in the Co-op Program committee Governance Charter. The committee have established principles in which the will work together and framework to evaluate their work.

Keep up-to-date

If you want to keep up to date on the activities of the CPC the minutes are available in the Shareholder Reports.

To contact CPC members with queries or suggestions you can send an email to all members Email us

Co-op Program Committee members

The committee is made up of four (4) co-op members, two (2) CEHL Board members, and independent chair and independent co-op advisor.

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