31 May 2021 UPDATE - Link to updated documents and resources for co-ops

Currently the Residential Tenancies Act has been amended on a temporary basis to cater for the effects of COVID19 and this has been extended until the end of March 2021. Anyone planning action under the RTA before then should check in with their CDC to make certain they comply with the COVID legislation requirements.

From April 2021 it is expected that the long-term changes announced in 2019 will come into effect. CEHL staff have been exploring the planned changes which are likely to include:

  • New minimum property standards
  • Quicker responses to maintenance requests
  • Requirements for regular gas, electrical and smoke detector checks to be completed and recorded
  • More information to be provided to new tenants
  • Mandatory condition reports including more details and photos
  • Fewer opportunities to end a tenancy

These new requirements are likely to affect vacant properties and new tenancies first, with later reviews of properties that are already occupied.

Over the next few months CEHL will be reviewing procedures and developing guides and resources to help make sure that we can all comply with the new requirements. Relevant training will also be offered early in 2021.

CEHL is also updating our database to ensure that all the new property information required will be stored in a way that co-ops can easily access via the member portal in future. We will be seeking the help of co-ops to make sure that all information is up to date.

A property checklist will be sent to co-op maintenance directors shortly. Please complete the details and return it to CEHL ASAP so we can all have access to accurate information when it is needed.