Our current and future co-operatives are at the centre of everything we do. CEHL's Strategic Plan maps out the pathways that will enable CEHL to work with member co-operatives to respond to the broader affordable housing challenge. See CEHL Strategic Plan 2020

Each co-op is an independent organisation that works together to meet the needs of its own members within the framework of the CEHL Housing Program. Co-ops are run by members, for members, they:

  • manage governance and planning for their co-op and members needs
  • have a say in the CEHL Housing Program and in decisions that affect their housing by:
    • electing co-op member representatives to the CEHL Board
    • input into policies and key program topics
  • act as landlord by managing tenancies, finances and maintenance (for Community Managed Co-operatives CMCs these functions are managed by CEHL)

CEHL provides to member co-ops

  • Training and resourcing
  • Management of a portfolio of properties
  • Program management, administration and reporting to government housing regulator
CEHL Co-ops Co-op member / Tenants
  • hold the title of properties
  • manages and grows the housing portfolio
  • overall management of the Housing Program including reporting and compliance
  • develops and provides resources to member co-op development and function
  • are independent entities
  • members / shareholders of CEHL
  • influence Program development
  • nominate and elect members to the CEHL Board of Directors
  • plan for the housing needs of their members
  • is a member of a co-operative
  • participates in the governance and running of their co-op
  • fulfils their tenancy obligations