Jan 2022

Annual Rent Review

First posted on 21 January 2022

The Annual Rent Review for the 2022/23 financial year is set to start in early February 2022.  

The review aims to make sure every renter in the Co-operative Housing Program, pays the right amount rent for their household, and receives the subsidy they are eligible for.

The maximum rent charge for every property is also reviewed each year by an independent valuer.  The valuation is based on the location, age and features of the property.

Some properties in the Program require the maximum rent amount to be lower than the market rate, depending on the funding requirements eg: properties funded through the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS). 
See the Maximum Rent Fact Sheet for more information

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A new way to send, sign and submit...

Renters told us about difficulties accessing and submitting documents for the rent review using the portal and by post.

So, this year we are trying a new way for renters to send, sign and submit documents electronically – using DocuSign.

Go to DocuSign instructional video ...

Renters who are not online will be supported to complete the rent review by post.

Key Dates

8-11 FebruaryHousehold Information Forms sent to renters
29 MarchRenters submit Household Information Form
+ all required income evidence for each household member 16+
+ information on any change to household composition
1 AprilNotice of Rent Increase sent to renters by your rental provider
CERC members notice will be sent to your co-op
CMC or direct tenants (Vicwide) notice will be sent by CEHL

Please note!

The notice provides information of the Maximum Rent of the property, it does not indicate the amount of rent you may pay once the rent subsidy is applied.
27 May to 3 JuneRent Assessment Notice sent to renters
Renters payable rent amount
1 July2022/23 Assessed rent applied

Who to contact if you need Assistance

CERC rentersCMC and Vicwide renters
Who to contact
1. Your co-op contact, usually your Treasurer or Rent Officer
2. Call your Co-operative Development Co-ordinator for general advice
3. CEHL at 9208 0800
Who to contact
1. Contact your Tenancy Co-ordinator for general advice
2. CEHL at 9208 0800

For rent and arrears information
- CERC's without the Arrears Management Service, call or email your Rent Officer or Treasurer
- CERC's with the Arrears Management Service email or call Sheenam 0409 936 179
For rent and arrears information
Please email or call your Tenancy Co-ordinator