Special Projects

CCA Evaluation

Co-ops can provide feedback about CEHL's performance as part of the CCA review here.

Social Return on Investment

In 2011, CEHL funded a Social Return of Investment (SROI) focusing on Lakewood Community Managed Co-operative.  The aim was to better measure the benefits achieved as a result of the investment in empowering members and building a positive community at Lakewood.  Please check out the below documents for the results.

SROI Summary Dashboard (518Kb)
Lakewood SROI (664Kb)

Housing Co-operatives

Lakewood Community Managed Co-operative, Ringwood

Construction on Lakewood Community Managed Co-operative finished in early 2011, consisting of 80 units - 34 two bedroom units and 46 three bedroom units. The building was officialy opened by the Minister for Social Housing and Homelessness Mark Arbib on the 3rd May.

Before moving in the residents and members of Lakewood spent time talking about the sort of supportive community and co-op they want to live in. Since moving into the building, it's been a time to translate that vision into practice!

The short feature was commissioned by CEHL and our community partner in Lakewood Eastern Access Community Health (EACH), to commemorate the co-operative spirit and help record the excitement and enthusiasm of the members.

The below videos were shot, edited and produced by Trade Creative. To view the videos click on the relevant links.

Lakewood - Forever Home, please click here to view.

For the new video from Lakewood 3 Months In click here.

Dandenong Harmony Community Managed Co-operative, Dandenong

The new development at Harmony Village, Dandenong, was completed in July 2011. Consisting of 60 units, the Co-Op provides housing for people aged 55 plus - but don't call it a retirement village! The members are very active, have a strong vision for the type of supportive and caring community they want, and are keen to spread their enthusiasm for co-operative living.  As well as presenting at the recent Co-Op Conference, Dandenong Harmony was featured on the Australian Post stamps to commemorate the International year of Co-Operatives.

CEHL commissioned a short feature on the Co-Op, titled A New Start. Please click here to view.