Rents charged in the CEHL Program are designed to be affordable for tenants on low incomes.

Tenants are charged rent according to their household income – rents are generally set at around 25% of their assessable income, and 100% of any Commonwealth Rent Assistance received. The exact rent system is different for the different co-op models in the CEHL Program.

Rents are usually charged from Sunday to Saturday, being paid fortnightly in advance. Each Co-Op will adopt payment systems that best meet the needs of their tenants, but most will offer facilities such as Centrepay or Automatic Bank Transfers as well as direct payment at a Post Office or Bank.

Rents are the primary source of income for the co-operative and this income is essential to meet maintenance and administration costs.

It is vital that Co-Ops  ensure rents are paid on time, and, in accordance with their policy and procedures, take prompt action whenever rent arrears occur.

Bonds are not charged under the Co-Op Program.

Documents related to rents

2017 Household Information Form CERC (468 Kb)
2017 Household Information Form CMC (456 Kb)
2017 Household Information Form NRAS (371 Kb)
Catch-up Agreement (86 Kb)
2018 CEHL Rent Policy Manual (1838 Kb)
2016-17 Rent Calculator (62 Kb)
Centrelink Income Confirmation Consent form (25 Kb)
This is only to be used by CMC's, Vic Wide Tenants and co-ops that use CEHL's Fee for Service Rent Calculations

CERCs should refer to Fact Sheets and PAC Recommended Policies for further information and guidance on many of the issues and decisions likely to present.