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18 September 2017
CEHL Supports Equality

CEHL's Board endorsed CEHL's support of the Equality Campaign.

This position is aligned with all of CEHL's Values as it seeks to address a denial of basic legal rights for some of our employees, their families, Program members, applicants and people in housing need.

CEHL appreciates that there are a diversity of views on this issues and we respect the rights of individuals to hold differing views.

4 September 2017

Thank you to all the people who came along and attended the Active Members,  Thriving Co-ops, Influencing our Program Conference in August, it was great to see so many co-ops represented from all over Victoria.

Click the link below for a complete wrap-up of the Conference workshops.
Join in the ongoing discussions regarding:
  • Participation Policy
  • The Victorian Housing Register
  • Rent Model Review
  • Engagement Review

Conference Wrap Up

2017 CEHL Conference Booklet