Discover CEHL

Common Equity Housing Ltd (CEHL) is a not-for-profit company established to provide housing, resources and support to rental housing co-operatives across Victoria.

A provider and developer of affordable housing, CEHL utilises a co-operative housing model in a wider housing program.  CEHL provides security of tenure for members, building personal and community capacity.

  • Victoria's largest Housing Association
  • 5,000+ people housed and supported
  • 2,200 properties in metro Melbourne and regional Victoria
  • 30+ years experience

The Common Equity Rental Housing Co-Operative (CERC) is the main model of co-op housing delivered by CEHL. Other housing co-operatives have recently joined CEHL as Community Managed Co-operatives and further co-op models are under development. As well as leasing the properties from CEHL, all our member Co-Ops are shareholders of the company.

The responsibilities of CEHL staff members include:

  • Monitoring properties and planning for future development
  • Offering Co-Op members expert advice about property maintenance and tenancy management
  • Providing training and financial services, and
  • Overseeing the adminstration of the Co-Op Program

CEHL is managed by a Board comprising Directors elected by the shareholders and others appointed for particular expertise.