Applicant Information

As Co-Op housing is offered on a long-term basis it is not possible to predict when a vacancy might occur. CEHL maintains a Referral Database - when a vacancy does occur, the Co-Op will contact people from the database who meet the membership criteria, to attend a selection interview.

As well as the criteria set by the Co-Op and CEHL, applicants must meet the approved income and asset criteria.

In the CEHL Program, rent is generally set at around 25% of household income, and there is a maximum rent for each property capped at roughly 75% of what private rent would be for the house and the area. The Rental Housing Co-Operatives (RHCs) are based on a different co-operative model to the CEHL Program, and have a slightly different rent structure.

If you are interested in applying for co-operative housing or want to know more, use the buttons on the left of the page to access information about how to apply, eligability, how to make and expression of interest, locations of housing (and how to change your details if you have already applied).

Please Note- CEHL does not provide emergency housing and does not guarantee any applicant will be housed.

In order to apply for Co-operative housing, there are a number of different steps and descisions you need to make:

  1. Find out as much as you can about co-operative housing. The website provides a lot of information on CEHL and the co-op program, and the roles and responsibilities of members.
  2. Check you meet the eligability requirements with regard to income and assets.
  3. Register an Expression of Interest to attend an information session.
  4. Attend the information session and receive an Application Form.
  5. Complete the Application Form you were given at the Information Session and return it to CEHL.