Celebrating 30 years of co-operative housing

30 Years of Co-op Stories.



Common Equity Housing Limited (CEHL) is Victoria's largest Housing Association and is both a provider and developer of affordable housing. CEHL currently houses in excess of 5,000 people in over 2,200 properties across Victoria, with an asset value approaching $800 million.

CEHL uses co-operative housing models to empower people to build strong communities through better housing solutions.

How to apply for co-operative housing.

Program Development Project- Planning Our Future
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Future Directions Project

2017 CEHL Co-op Engagement Calendar
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Strategy Saturday- CEHL Board
Date: 11 February 2017
Summary: Strategy Saturday- CEHL Board

Geelong Regional Training
Date: 13 February 2017
Summary: Geelong Regional Training

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Regional Training
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Co-op Development Co-ordinator
Development Manager

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